Although men have the strongest sexual desire in the whole world, there can be some situations or times when his libido or sexual desire gets completely vanished.

according to redhead escort, a man’s libido is very strong and highly active. With just a small arousal men can get ready to have sex.

According to escorts, there are several reasons why your husband s not interested in sex anymore. For those women who want solutions,escorts have recommended some tips to make your husband attracted and get interested in having sex again.

Reasons why your husband is not interested in sex?

  • He is struggling with ed:- according to blonde escorts, erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that men face at a large level. This problem can occur due to several reasons like stress, and other mental and physical issues. If your husband is struggling with erectile dysfunction then his interest from sex will decline.
  • He is highly stressed:-escorts say that a high stressed life leads to depression and anxiety which lowers your sex drive and you will not get any kind of arousal or sex desire thus making you less interested in sex.
  • He is insecure:- mature escorts over 50 say that there can be some incidents in his life due to which your husband feels insecure engaging in sexual activities, thus insecurity can be a serious reason for your husband not involving in bed with you.


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